When are requested inspections scheduled?

Inspection requests received up until 3:30 pm (on the IVR system) are normally scheduled for the next working day if so requested. Requests made after 3:30 are scheduled for the next working day. Future enhancements within the software's inspection request system may require the cut-off time for inspections to be modified.

Inspections Completed Before Work Begins

Inspections may not completed on the day requested if the inspection volume is excessive. Rescheduled inspections are prioritized by inspectors on the following work day. In the event that the inspector does not complete an inspection on the requested day, that does not authorize the owner or contractor to proceed without receiving department approval. Individuals who violate this policy are subject to Notices of Violation, referral to the Virginia Board for Contractors, and other legal action as determined necessary by the Building Inspections Department. Also engineering may be required at the owner's/contractor's expense to certify that work not inspected by the Franklin County Building Inspection's Department is acceptable to the requirements of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC).

Inspection Times

Inspectors are unable to provide specific times for inspections due to variables such as:

  • Distance between inspections
  • Documentation (correction lists or notices)
  • Limited Cellular Phone Service
  • Number of inspections per location
  • Types of inspections

Inspection Location Available

Please make inspection locations available throughout the day. If additional security is desired please provide key location information with the inspection request. Locked/inaccessible locations are subject to a $45 reinspection fee. This fee is to be paid before a reinspection or another type of inspection is scheduled. Please have unattended pets contained so that animals will not interfere with the inspection.

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