Local Authorized On-Site Soil Evaluators

You will find the current listing of authorized on-site soil evaluators here.  Franklin County does not endorse or recommend any particular septic or private well service provider, nor does the Virginia Department of Health (VDH). 

What is an Authorized On-site Soil Evaluator?

An Authorized On-site Soil Evaluator, or AOSE, is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge, skills, and abilities in the practice of siting and designing onsite sewage disposal systems. AOSE's are licensed professionals who are governed by the Virginia Department of Professional Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

The list above is based only on those service providers who have submitted at least 5 onsite well and septic applications to the West Piedmont Health District in the last 6 months. The omission of a service provider from the listing is not a statement of unsuitability. VDH also does not guarantee the work or license status of any listed provider. It is recommended that you view the Department of Professional and Occupations Regulation (DPOR) website, to verify that a service provider is properly licensed in accordance with state law. To search all licensed OSE’s, PE’s, septic system installers, and well drillers please visit the DPOR website.

**The above information is from the Virginia Department of Health's webpage on authorized on-site soil evaluators.